Business intelligence tools - private!

With our expertise in infrastructure and development you can get the most from the information you have - and don't know you have.

Platform Features

All this is at your disposal. In a single place. For an affordable price. With a kind and accessible development team.

Responsive Design

Our control panel has been built for the very-low-res old phones to the ultra-high-res Apple displays.

Business Solution

With simple to understand terms and clean interface, you can find the information is relevant to your company in few clicks.

Brand Identity

The shape and colors of our control panel can be customized to match your existing design.

Creative Ideas

You have free of speech in regards to fuctionality. Our expert team is unlimitless capable to deliver what you wish.

Reachability Control

Nowadays, it's hard to remain private. Should your tool be closed to your team we can hide it from search engines.

Easy Customization

Your control panel has a zillion options for customization, allowing you to change it as often you change clothes - or more.


The value we deliver to our customers summoned these reviews - all espontaneously, we swear.

“It was just awesome to find secureCDN after banging my head after a wall for years with our previous business tool, unable to generate any valuable insight.” — A. Porsche
CEO @ hosting PaaS company
“The flexibility I find in secureCDN panels are amazing. Changes that would take ages to be developed internally are now ready in a few clicks or in a matter of days by their team.” — B. Johnson
VP of Product @ I.M. corporate app
“Using secureCDN tools I was able to focus in my final customers. If you have to choose a business management tool for your company, I hardly recommend them. It's a no-brain choose.” — F. Rusche
Individual entrepeneur

Big brands

You could - or not - be listed here as customer of ours.

And keep in mind these companies are not necessarily in fact our customers. See more details above. You have the option to use our tools absolutelly anonymously.

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